The best tips for skin and scalp care in winter

Many suffer from dry or at least drier skin during winter months, when the weather conditions are very extreme in the northern latitudes and the air conditioning inside is warmer than usual.

We gathered some easy tips for skin care in winter here ūüĎá

Even though your skin needs a little more help in the winter, your skin type hasn't changed since the cold weather has arrived. This is good to remember, because there is no need to change the entire skin care routine, it is enough to add a few well-chosen products to your routine.

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Skin care routine in winter

A skin care routine adapted to winter can look like something as the following:

As a cherry on top, you should try to care for the roughened lips with a lip mask[Tocobo] Vita Glazed Lip Mask is a night mask, lip balm and plumper in one.

[Mary&May] Rose Hyaluronic Hydra Wash Off Mask Pack


Scalp treatment in winter

Our scalp faces the same challenges caused by weather conditions as the skin on the face and body, and the scalp should be taken into account in the same way with appropriate care. The scalp has more sweat glands than anywhere else on our body, so it is naturally more prone to producing more sebum and oil.

How can you identify a dry scalp?

Like dry skin in general, dry scalp is also caused by the scalp's inability to produce enough sebum and natural oils to keep itself moisturized. If this balance is disturbed for some reason, such as due to extreme winter conditions, the scalp may become dry and flaky. Dry scalp is a common problem in winter, because either the beanie stays tightly on the head outside or the cool or cold outside air gets to dry the skin. Which ever is the scenario, it doesn't exactly promote optimal scalp health. A dry scalp is characterized by itching, dry flaking and a feeling of dryness in general. 

Flaking of a dry scalp is different from flaking an oily scalp, so dandruff and dry scalp are two very different things. Dry scalp's flaking is, as the name suggests, dry, similar to what can be elsewhere on the face or body if the skin is very dry. The dandruff of an oily scalp is larger in size, scaly and greasy.

How should you treat dry scalp caused by winter?

Like skin elsewhere in your body, a dry scalp needs gentle, moisturizing products. Avoid using shampoo and styling products containing alcohol, showring with too hot water and excessive washing.

Use a shampoo suitable for dry scalp, such as [Lador] Moisture Balancing Shampoo. You can also add a specific scalp care product to your hair care routine, we recommend [A'pieu] Mint Scalp Hair Vinegar treatment liquid that also helps helps with an itchy scalp.

Body skin care in winter

Body skin care should not be forgotten, even though the layers of clothing increase and no one sees dry elbows under a sweater. Your skin will thank you when you remember to take care of it throughout the winter. Bring summer in the middle of winter for a moment, with a wonderful scented body cream like [Frudia] My Orchard Peach Real Soothing Gel or moisturize sensitized skin with an intensive moisturizer such as [Derma:B] CeraMD Repair Cream.

You can give your feet a power treatment with a foot mask, of which there are both exfoliating and moisturizing versions. Sock-like foot masks are convenient to use and you can slip socks over the mask to enhance the effect.

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