Hwarang’ or 화랑품 in Korean

Hwarang's Korean name consists of two words 화랑 (read as ”Hwarang”) and 품 (read as ”poom”, means an item or a thing) and thus means an item of Hwarang 🏹 At the same time hwarangpoom sounds similar to Korean word hwajangpoom #화장품 which means cosmetics. Hwarang' wanted to create cosmetics that makes your skin stronger and more beautiful. Just like exercise makes your body stronger, using quality skin care strengthens and rejuvenates our skin.

Fun fact! In Silla Hwarangs were known for being the most beautiful men who took care of themselves by using makeup and cosmetics.


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Hwarang Bell Flower Cleansing Balm
Hwarang Bell Flower Cleansing Balm tuotekuva
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[Hwarang'] Bell Flower Cleansing Balm
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A long time ago, in the ancient Kingdom of Silla, there was a group of royal knights called hwarang. They were not only well trained physically but also spiritually as they mastered many different kinds of arts such as horsemanship, meditation, dance and even polo to be able to protect their values.

Across Silla, hwarang were referred to as Flowering Knights (화 flower and 랑 corps) for their beauty and devotion to taking care of their body, which was a result of the young-yook-il-chi-sa-sang (영육일치사상) ideology of that time - within a beautiful body, rests a beautiful soul. Hwarang enjoyed frequent bathing ceremonies during which they pampered themselves with Korean traditional hanbang extracts and oils to make their skin radiant and healthy in order to reflect that inner strength.

Hwarang' aims to make all of us just as self-confident as hwarang knights and to remind us daily of how strong and powerful we really are. Hwarang' combines the best hanbang secrets told by our ancestors with the newest Korean innovations to create products that will help your skin be stronger.


One of the main ingredients in Hwarang' Bell Flower Cleansing Balm is, as name suggests, bellflower, or doraji 도라지 in Korean.

Bellflower is a traditional Korean ingredient that is consumed daily as a side dish for supplements, tea and even food. 🍵 Bellflower has been part of the Korean diet for a very long time, and it is full of beneficial ingredients such as saponins, plant sterols and inulin. Bellflower tea is an effective aid in fighting against body infections and is one of the first remedies for getting over the flu.

These properties make this plant the perfect addition to Hwarang's first product to help skin fight inflammation and strengthen.


The guaiazulene used in Hwarang’ products is a beautiful blue oil that is extracted from chamomile flowers. It is a very valuable ingredient and is the only colouring agent that is exempt by FDA from testing.

The reasons behind it being so amazing are:
✨antipyretic (fever or heat reducive)
✨and even anti-fungal properties.

Hwarang' included guaiazulene in the Cleansing Balm, because wanting the product to be able to calm your skin efficiently with every single use as calmed skin has better barrier and is stronger!

The Moon

Long time ago, in Silla dynasty the Moon had an extremely important place in religion and daily life.

It became a part of aesthetics that was used in many decorations and jewellery. Many palaces and temples were built so that their rooftops were embraced by moonlight, and even the royal palace of Silla was called Wolseong (#월성 wol = moon + seong = palace) and the royal pond was called Wolji #월지.

You can still see how important the Moon is in Korean culture, as many people celebrate their birthdays according to the moon calendar, and festivals like Chuseok and Seollal take place on certain moon phases.