Hanbang: traditional Korean skincare

Korean cosmetics are already known for several different trends around the world, but Hanbang cosmetics stand out from the crowd with their closeness to nature and history. Hanbang refers to traditional Korean medicine with roots dating back thousands of years in South Korea.

What is Hanbang cosmetics?

Hanbang encompasses a holistic approach to skincare that draws heavily from centuries-old herbal remedies. Rooted in traditional Korean medicine, Hanbang cosmetics incorporate a rich blend of herbs, roots, and other natural ingredients known for their healing and rejuvenating properties.


Traditional Hanbang ingredients

Below we present a few familiar ingredients from traditional Korean skin care products:

  1. Ginseng
  2. Centella or Centella Asiatica extract>
  3. Cherry extract
  4. Heartleaf or green chameleon leaf extract
  5. Bellflower
  6. Mugwort
  7. Rice
  8. Gojiberry
  9. Dong Quai
  10. Angelica Gigas Nakai
  11. Licorice Root
  12. Schisandra berry
  13. Korean Red Pine
  14. Peony
  15. Safflower
  16. Korean Mint
  17. Tangerine

The naming of the products in the ingredient lists varies depending on which part of the plant, root, etc. is used. Here we present the most common designations by which the mentioned Hanbang ingredients can be found in the INCI list.

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Cherry blossom extract

There is no single standardized name for cherry blossom extract and it can be called by different names depending on the brand or ingredient list.

However, you may find it on the INCI list under names such as Cherry Blossom Extract, Sakura Extract (sakura refers to the flowering time of cherry blossoms in Asia), Prunus Serrulata Extract (the scientific name for the cherry tree) or Flower Extract.

Beot-kott is the cherry blossom season in Korean, which is a very significant spring event. The short lifespan of flowers symbolizes the beauty and fragility of life. When the flowers bloom, many Koreans participate in traditional picnics and parties in parks and streets. This tradition has given cherry blossoms a special symbolic meaning associated with joy and a sense of community.

Benefits of cherry blossom extract

  • Brightens, brightens and helps even out skin tone.
  • The antioxidant effect protects the skin from free radicals.
  • Soothes and treats irritated skin.
  • Moisturize.

Frudia My Orchard Cherry Hand Cream - hand cream contains cherry extract and smells charming.


Heartleaf, Houttuynia Cordata 어성초

Heartleaf is a common name for the Houttuynia cordata plant used in traditional medicine and cosmetics in Korea. The leaves of the Heartleaf plant are known for their heart-shaped appearance, and are also useful in skin care. It is suitable for use as part of both morning and evening skin care routines and is especially suitable for those with acne or sensitive skin.

You can find heartlead in the ingredient list usually under the name Houttuynia Cordata Extract.

Benefits of Heartleaf

  • Soothes the skin and its inflammation.
  • Antibacterial properties.

Heartleaf works well with many active ingredients, as it helps reduce skin irritation, which is easily caused by retinol and chemical peels, for example. Heartleaf's soothing properties can be enhanced by using it with other anti-inflammatory substances, such as aloe vera.

Products containing heartleaf

Goodal Heartleaf Calming Toner Pad toner pads reduce redness of the skin and soothing inflammation and excessive sebum secretion.

Anua's heartleaf products have become cult products, and continue to be perennial favorites of our customers.


Bellflower is grown in all provinces of South Korea until well into autumn. It is enjoyed in many different forms, such as as a side dish to food, as a kind of nutritional supplement combined with e.g. pear or honey, and as tea, which is often the first remedy for Koreans to tame a cold or a sore throat.

The saponins, flavonoids and phenolic acid contained in bellflower fight effectively against inflammation, helping the skin to calm down and regenerate more effectively. You can find bell flower [Hwarang'] Bell Flower Cleansing Balm.


Mugwort, Artemisia

Mugwort is known for its effective soothing effect on skin and skin redness. In addition, it helps balance the skin by improving the skin's moisture balance and reducing excessive sebum secretion. It also has a healing antiseptic effect.

Mugwort can be found in several products in our selection, such as [Round Lab] Mugwort Calming Cream, [Isntree] Real Mugwort Clay Mask and [Axis-Y] Mugwort Green Vital Energy Complex Sheet Mask.

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Goji berry 구기열매

Goji berries are full of vitamins and antioxidants that have a skin-brightening effect. In addition, antioxidants protect the skin from external harmful factors that cause premature aging of the skin.

Dong Quai, Angelica Sinesis 당귀

The extract obtained from the subspecies of Angelica plant is an ancient ingredient used as medicine in Korea, China and Japan, which has also gained popularity as an ingredient in skin care products in recent years.

  • Antioxidant, protects the skin from free radicals.
  • Moisturizing.
  • The anti-inflammatory effect reduces skin redness and irritation.
  • Brightens skin tone.


Korean Angelica Gigas Nakai 당귀


Like Dong Quai, the Korean Angelica Root also soothes the skin, but it is also suitable for controlling acne. It is also used to maintain the well-being of the scalp and promote hair growth.

Licorice Root 기초

Licorice root extract is obtained from Glycyrrhiza glabra or Licorice plant. Root extract is used in skin care for its brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. It is especially used in the treatment of pigment changes and to soothe irritated skin.


Schisandra berry 오미자

Schisandra berries are an excellent source of antioxidants that protect the skin from external harmful factors. Schisandra also soothes skin redness and irritation.


Korean Red Pine 송이

Korean red pine extract is used for its anti-aging properties. It helps promote skin elasticity and fades lines.

Peony 모련

Peony is known not only for its antioxidant properties, but also for its skin-soothing and brightening properties.

You can find peony for example [LuLuLun] Pure Balance Sheet Mask and [Mizon] Pure Pearl Eye Gel Patch eye masks.


Safflower 홍화

Safflower is a very moisturizing ingredient in skin care products and is especially suitable for aging skin.

Korean Mint 향년

An excellent anti-aging ingredient that, according to research, has e.g. a wrinkle-reducing effect. In addition, Korean mint has antioxidant, cooling and soothing properties.

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