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Korean skincare routine

Learn the skin care routine and how you can take advantage of it in just 3 steps
Guide to Korean sunscreens

Guide to Korean sunscreens

Answers to questions such as what is the difference between SPF and PA markings on sunscreens.
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K-beauty trends 2024

The year's trendiest makeup looks, skin care ingredients, products and brands.


Miten seerumia, ampullia ja hoitonestettä käytetään?
If you want to get extra power out of your skin care routine, one of the best additional steps is to add an essence, serum or ampoule to it. In this article, we will tell you the difference between these three, and how to use them.
Yleiset iho-ongelmat ja niiden hoito: Akne
Acne is a common problem that usually starts during puberty, but it can also appear later. What causes acne and how to treat it?
Vinkit ihonhoitoon keväällä
The needs of the skin often change with the change of seasons. You don't need to change your entire skin care routine, but it is recommended to make small changes. Grab a few tips for skin care in spring!
Pimple patches and how to use them
One characteristic product of Korean cosmetics is pimple patches. Take a closer look at these handy treatment products that make treating pimples more pleasant.
Tutoriaali: Trendikkäät korealaiset huulimeikit
Learn easily and quickly the two biggest Korean lip makeup trends: gradient and cherry lips.
Opas: korealaiset aurinkovoiteet
Learn what the PA and non-nano filter labels on sunscreens mean, what is the difference between physical and chemical sunscreens, and whether the sunscreen needs to be washed off with a special cleanser.
Centella: Hanbang-ainesosa ihonhoidossa
Apart from ginseng, Centella, i.e. Centella Asiatica extract, is another of the most famous ingredients in Hanbang cosmetics. Read more about its use and properties in skin care.
Riisi: Hanbang-ainesosa ihonhoidossa
The use of rice in skin care dates back thousands of years and has maintained its popularity over time as part of traditional Hanbang skin care due to the many benefits it offers to the skin.
Ginseng: Hanbang-ainesosa ihonhoidossa
Ginseng has become one of the most important ingredients in traditional Korean Hanbang skin care. Read why this thousands-year-old root is an excellent anti-aging ingredient and a great addition to your skin care routine.
Mandariini: Hanbang-ainesosa ihonhoidossa
Discover the unique benefits of tangerine in Hanbang skin care. Read more about the useful properties of mandarin and how you can use its potential in your own skin care routine.
Kaikki aurinkovoiteista ja isoimmat aurinkovoidemyytit
What does the label PA on Korean sunscreens mean? Is it necessary to use sunscreen if the skin does not burn in the sun or the skin tone is dark? Find the answers to your questions about the correct use of sunscreen, and we'll debunk the most common myths related to sunscreen.
Korealaiset kasvonaamiot: Valitse oikea naamio ihotyyppisi mukaan
A short guide to choosing the right Korean face masks for different skin types, as well as instructions for the correct use of a sheet mask.