10 Korealaisen kosmetiikan tuotetta, joita kannattaa kokeilla vuonna 2024
Korean cosmetics are known for innovative compositions and effective ingredients that offer versatile solutions for...
Vaurioitunut ihon suojakerros eli skin barrier - syyt, oireet ja hoito
Everything you need to know about the skin barrier: Damage, symptoms and treatment The role...
Korealainen lasi-iho: opas hehkuvaan ihoon
Do you want to get the glass-skin that Koreans strive for, which is glass-like clear, glowing, dewy, healthy and smooth? Read more!
Fermentoitu ihonhoito
You are certainly more familiar with fermentation as part of the food preparation and preservation process, but did you know that fermentation also has excellent benefits as part of skin care?
K-beauty trendit 2024
The biggest trends in Korean cosmetics in 2024 are e.g. aegyo-sal and cherry lips makeup. See the year's trendiest makeup looks, skin care ingredients, products and brands.
Kaikki kuorinnasta
Skin exfoliation is beneficial for every skin type, from dry to oily.
Parhaat vinkit ihon- ja hiuspohjan hoitoon talvella
Many suffer from dry or at least drier skin during winter months, when the weather conditions...
Hyaluronihappo ja muut kosteuttavat aktiiviaineet
In the article, we summarize what hyaluronic acid is and what its benefits are in skin care. Does hyaluronic acid have side effects and can it be used during pregnancy?
Ihonhoito eri ikäisille
In the article, we go through skin care using Korean cosmetics from a child to the age of 70. Among other things, we give tips on what to consider when building a twenty-something skin care routine and which well age active ingredients should be included in the skin care routine when the first signs of aging start to appear.
Eri ihotyyppien ja -ongelmien hoito korealaisella kosmetiikalla
How do I know what skin type I have and how does it affect the choice of skin care products? In this article, we aim to provide simple and easy-to-understand instructions for treating each skin type, as well as product recommendations, of course.
Korealaisen ja japanilaisen ihonhoidon erot
You might think that all Asian skin care routines and cosmetics would be very similar, but in reality they differ from each other very significantly. You probably already know the Korean glass skin and the pursuit of it, but do you know what the Japanese mochi skin is like?
Korealaisen ja länsimaisen kosmetiikan erot
What is the difference between Korean cosmetics and Western cosmetics? Why should you start Korean cosmetics? You can find answers to these most common questions about k-beauty in this article.