About us

Yeppo & Soonsoo brand is based on the Finnish Korean cosmetics import and retail company Baestyle Ltd, founded in 2018. Our goal is to bring Korean trends and the country's culture to Finland and support brands to adapt to the demand of the local customer base.

Yeppo & Soonsoo

We operate through our Yeppo&Soonsoo brand in the online store and in our stores all over Finland. Our warehouse is located in Helsinki, which allows us to deliver orders quickly and efficiently to our customers. Our products can also be found in the largest department stores and grocery stores in Finland.


Yeppo & Soonsoo history

Yeppo & Soonsoo was founded in 2013, when we opened our first K-beauty shop inspired by Korean culture and love for beautiful skin. From the beginning, Yeppo has been a place where our customers can experience the authentic South Korean atmosphere. In our stores, Korean music plays, an authentic world of fragrances floats by, and of course the newest, trendiest and best selection of k-beauty and lifestyle products can be found on our shelves and in our online store.


Company philosophy

Our company's philosophy is based on accessibility, openness and reliability values - we follow these values in all our daily business, both in stores, e-commerce and B2B business. 



We sell the trendiest Korean brands in our stores and online store. We import brands such as BBIA, Anua, Ariul, Acropass, Amuse, Axis-Y, About Tone, Cosnori, Unleashia, Peripera, Cell Fusion C, Goodal, Skin1004, Beauty of Joseon, Round Lab, Ma:nyo Factory and Abib. Our goal is to fulfill the many wishes of our customers with our carefully curated product selection.

In 2023, we received the Finnish online store certificate. 

suomalainen kosmetiikan verkkokauppa


Our B2B activities

As an importer and retailer, we are always open to new cooperation with both domestic and foreign companies. We bring multiple different unique Korean brands directly from Korea to Finland. If our brands aroused your interest or you would like to discuss a possible collaboration, feel free to contact us! For import matters, contact Jinho Park, jinho.park@yeppo.fi.



Would you like to act as a reseller of products sold by Yeppo & Soonsoo? Inquire about the possibility of becoming a Yeppo seller at contact@yeppo.fi, and you will receive a separate order form that you can use to place an order directly at the home depot or beauty salon.


Influencer collaborations

If you are an influencer and want to cooperate with us, contact us at info@yeppo.fi  or fill out an application our affiliate program!


Contact information

Customer service: info@yeppo.fi 

For companies: contact@yeppo.fi

Open applications: hr@yeppo.fi

Import affairs: Jinho Park, jinho.park@yeppo.fi